Foodgod’s FoodTruck Frenzy™

Foodgod’s FoodTruck Frenzy™

Foodgod’s Food Truck Frenzy™ is a deliciously fun, food-themed puzzle matching game where players launch their Food Truck empire and battle over customers and colorful kingdoms, collecting dozens of recipes, characters and more under the watchful eye of the Foodgod. Television personality and food aficionado Foodgod aka Jonathan Cheban rules the cooking kingdoms with his army of master chefs, challenging players to create over-the-top foods and desserts to rise through the ranks of the Foodgod culinary world.

Based on the Atari arcade classic of the same name and reimagined as a humorous food action puzzle game, players must guide a team of cooking heroes to victory in their quest to grow their business and dominate the street-food culinary landscape.

Developer / Studio: 
Workinman Interactive
Release Date:
Coming Soon



Player versus Player (PvP):
Battle against other players as you strive to generate more money as you grow your business and unlock new content including kingdoms, trucks and seasonings to fuel your business.


Single Player:
Travel the globe and solve delightful puzzles in your quest for world domination.


Cooking Kingdoms:
Dominate the delightful food palaces including Pasta and Red Sauce Kingdom, Cupcake Kingdom, Burger Kingdom, Milk Shake Falls and more.


Recipe for Success:
Match ingredients from the main food groups – dairy, grains, proteins, sweets and vegetables to create special dishes that can be used to please your customers and defeat your opponents.


Choose from a smorgasbord of different recipes, trucks, and costumes to perfect your loadout. Level up for even more Food Power.


Upgrade and evolve your Food Truck by collecting Coins, Diamonds and ingredients.



Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Size – 302.5 MB


Requires Android 4.1 and up

Size 36MB


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