Design, build and rule the most extraordinary city ever in CitytopiaTM, the new city tycoon building game from the makers of Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch!

Discover and place many types of buildings, ranging from residential to industrial, commercial, and beautiful parks. Each building added develops your skyline, attracts more citizens and helps grow your economy. Unlock progressively all the neighborhoods, buy more real estate, and expand your city from a tiny town into an impressive megapolis.

In this unique approach to city building games, buildings are unlocked through card collection. Open free packs every day to find new buildings, decorations, vehicles and more. Place cards to grow your city or consume them to upgrade existing infrastructure. Discover rare and epic cards with outstanding stats, like towering skyscrapers or zero-emission vehicles.

Developer / Studio: 
Nvizzio Creations

Release Date:
Fall 2018



Build Your City: Place a wide variety of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings as the bones of your city, all capable of being leveled up to accommodate a growing populace.


Complete Projects: Take on contracts like staffing factories and stocking store shelves to help keep businesses prosperous and attract more people to your city.


Amass Your Card Collection: Open packs of cards to find rare and epic items such as towering skyscrapers, new buildings, vehicles and more. Use cards to grow your city further, or level up existing buildings and vehicles.


Stunning Retina 3D Graphics: Watch your bustling city come to life in beautiful 3D graphics and enjoy every skyscraper, bus lane and street lamp in high resolution.


Challenging Missions: Complete exciting objectives such as growing your city population and expanding your company value to level-up and access new vehicles and landmarks to build.



Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Requires Android 4.4 and up


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