Atari 80 Classic Games in One

Game Description

Atari 80 Classic Games in One provides a host of classic arcade games, including popular titles such as AsteroidsCentipede and Millipede. This comprehensive collection also includes a wide variety of Atari 2600 titles, which provide space adventures, sports action and unique thrills. Play a game of Football, explore a Haunted House, try Super Breakout or take part in Yars' Revenge. Other games include Combat, Lunar LanderGravitarMajor HavocPongSpace DuelStar RaidersSubmarine Commander, and WARLORDS. You'll discover hours of enjoyment with this nostalgic collection of games that is as much fun today as it was back then.

Developer / Studio: 
Digital Eclipse
Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
  • Simulated Gambling

Game Features

  • Experience a wide variety of gameplay that spans 80 games

  • Collection includes both arcade and Atari 2600 titles, including Combat, Lunar LanderGravitarMajor HavocPongSpace DuelStar RaidersSubmarine Commander, and WARLORDS.

  • Arcade action includes Battlezone, Crystal CastlesMissile Command and more

  • No manuals to read, no strategy guides to study -- just start playing and try to score the most points

Game Requirements

Minimum Requirements: 


Operating System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP SP2*

Processor:Intel Pentium II 200 MHz or higher

RAM:16MB RAM (1GB Recommended)

Video:2MB Direct3D-compatible video card

Sound:DirectX 9.0c-compatible

Hard Disk:650MB free

Periperals:Keyboard, Mouse

DirectX:DirectX version 7.0 (9.0b included) or higher


System Requirements: 




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