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Additional Content and Levels for Breakout: Boost, Asteroids Gunnar and Atari’s Greatest Hits Being Scheduled from January Onward

PARIS and LOS ANGELES – Dec. 29, 2011 Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and developers of interactive entertainment, today announces that Breakout: Boost has exceeded more than one million downloads in the App Store since it was released two weeks ago.

Available as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Breakout: Boost combines classic fun with new features such as Boost Control, which allows players to adjust ball speed on the fly and customize their brick-breaking experience. Five levels full of bricks to smash are included in the free download, with over 200 additional levels available through in-app purchases. Additional levels and updates to Breakout Boost are scheduled to launch in January.

Atari’s Greatest Hits continues its climb with more than five million downloads on leading smartphones and tablets. To enhance the App, Atari’s partner Discovery Bay recently launched its Atari Arcade – Duo Powered joystick iPad accessory. New versions of the App will be released in 2012.

“We continue to see a strong positive consumer response to the classic and new versions of our world renowned games library – first with Atari’s Greatest Hits then in November with Asteroids: Gunner and now with Breakout: Boost.” said Jim Wilson, CEO of Atari. “These launches lead Atari’s mobile strategy to unleash the power of the Atari brand by delivering high quality experiences to our legions of Atari fans and new gamers alike.”

To download Breakout: Boost, Atari’s Greatest Hits, and Asteroids Gunnar and purchase the Atari Arcade – Duo Powered joystick iPad accessory visit
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Atari also announces that the Company and BlueBay have agreed on the extension of the maturity of the credit facility of €24.2 million to June 30, 2012.

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