Atari Game Partners

    Game Description

    Atari Game Partners is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atari.

    Our mission is to develop and publish games from Atari's iconic and prolific library, containing 200+ gaming franchises, for handheld platforms and others.

    Given the breadth of the Atari portfolio, we realized we had to team up with investors to take full advantage of the depth, the diversity and the opportunities that are presented with such a catalog. We could not do it on our own and had to team up with financial partners.

    Atari Game Partners is eager to continue that success by bringing one of gaming's most-beloved franchises to one of its biggest emerging platforms.

    In the months and years to come, our mission is to build success upon success. We seek to find a way for gamers around the world to get access to Atari's incredible lineup of gaming franchises.

    Release Date: 
    Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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