Atari Licensing is one business line of Atari Games, exploiting the catalog of more than 200 games with partners and licensees.

Atari Licensing

Atari is a lifestyle brand that has been an important key element of entertainment for its huge fan base for more than 40 years.  Our strategy relies on a deep understanding of the meaning of the brand and how it has evolved in to the entertainment space.  We have a goal to make the brand more exclusive by strategically picking partners that bring to the table products of quality and innovation.

Our partners bring prestige and exclusivity to these key categories:

Atari Hotels

Mini Arcade Cabinets

Atari Speakerhat

Atari Pong Table

Atari Apparels


Atari Bags

Atari Plug-n-Play

Atari Handheld Portables

Atari Flashback


Atari Books and Comics

Atari Board Games

We are always searching for new cool, innovative products that fit our vision for the brand and uphold our reputation for being a pioneer in the hardware and technology industry.  For licensing inquiries, please contact: